Updating Cardholder Details

This section provides instructions on how to retrieve and update a cardholder's details. When a cardholder has been created as part of a Creating a Card API call, you can update a cardholder's details.

The following details can be updated via the API:

  • email
  • mobile

Updating Cardholder Details

Step 1: Authenticate the Cardholder

Updating a cardholder's details presents a risk of fraud. GPS suggests that you build in two-factor cardholder authentication into your customer app to verify the cardholder's identity prior to allowing them to update their email or mobile phone details.

Step 2: API request to /cardholder

After successfully authenticating your cardholder, you can call the GPS cards endpoint and include the updated details.


API Explorer

See the Update card endpoint.



There is no separate cardholder endpoint; you will need to update the details for each card held by the cardholder.

A 200 HTTP header response indicates a successful update to the cardholder.